Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch to the application XCAMPAIGNlight from another tool - e.g. Mailchimp?

No problem. Just upload your contacts and you're ready to go.

How long can I use the free version?

The free version is not time-limited. However, you can send a maximum of 300 emails per day and a total of 3000 emails per month for free.

Do you pay for the number of recipients or for the emails sent?

In XCAMPAIGNlight you can have an infinitely long mailing list and it won't cost you anything. You always pay only for the emails sent.

Can I use my own HTML?

You can use your own HTML template. However, only if you choose one of the paid subscriptions.

How can I talk to someone at XCAMPAIGNlight company?

If you need technical support, have a question, or feedback, email anytime.

Can I export data from the app?

Yes. You can export all contacts from the system.

Can I have multiple users in one account?

You can. If you have chosen one of the subscriptions, you can set up 3 different users (logins) in your account.

How many emails can I send?

It all depends on your subscription. If you use the free version, you are limited to 300 mails per day. You are not limited in the paid version.

What is email marketing anyway?

It is a very effective method of online promotion that involves communication through emails. If personalization is set up correctly, you can reach customers much better. The goal of email marketing is to complete the action on the website. Most often this involves placing an order, making an enquiry, reading an article or registering via a form.

What is XCAMPAIGNPRO and how is it different from XCAMPAIGNlight?

XCAMPAIGNPRO is a very comprehensive tool designed for large clients. If you are going to send out a large number of newsletters, plan transactional emails, segmentation, working with target groups and basically all the conveniences, XCAMPAIGNPRO is more suited for you. XCAMPAIGNlight is developed especially for smaller and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a reliable tool but don't want to invest so much time into mailing.