Address Rental

Unique System

Unique System
The Address Rental system offers a unique opportunity to expand your database. In cooperation with our partners, we provide top-quality addresses that are operated only by clients with a serious interest in business messages and communication. This opens up a universe of new customers with whom you can take your business to a new level. What's more, everything meets the strictest GDPR legislative requirements.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Do you feel that you are not able to expand your customer portfolio, no matter how hard you try? This is the way! The addresses we provide are interested in sending you advertising. The moment you reach out to them, you have a unique chance to finally move forward. We recommend that you do a good job of remarketing in conjunction with your mailing, which will keep new customers coming back to you.

All addresses are certified in absolute compliance with the legislation. The strict approval and control process guarantees that you won't have to deal with any inconveniences. GDPR

You can select from specific customer data, e.g. by age, gender or location. We will also exclude your own addresses free of charge. So you get exactly what you really need. Targeting

The contact database is refined according to strict criteria. All clients have been interested in this method of contacting us and we regularly clean their addresses based on up-to-date data. Quality

Renting email addresses is a unique opportunity to expand your business. However, you will save significantly compared to physical addresses. An email contact will cost you less than a tenth. Price

In everything we try to find a quick and understandable way to your goal. Here, too, you choose your specific targeting in a few moves, our system recalculates everything and you can send out after purchase. Simplicity

How it works

1. You choose email addresses according to your preferences - personal (age, gender) or by location.

2. The system will calculate the number of contacts that you can use for your mailshot after payment.

3. Create a mailshot from our prepared template or your own design.

4. Send out mailshot to your new customers.

5. Remarketing is up to you.

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