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Welcome to XCAMPAIGNlight

XCAMPAIGNlight is a comprehensive email marketing tool in which you use a few clicks to create your own mailshot and upload a recipient list to it. No more manual rewriting!

XCAMPAIGNlight comes in two versions:

  • The free version is fully functional, allowing you to use your address lists and send emails. You can see the full feature set here.

  • The paid version offers additional features such as a higher volume of emails sent or more users.

    You can see details here.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of renting addresses as part of a paid subscription.
Through external databases (hereinafter referred to as Address Owners), you can select email addresses for a one-time mailshot according to your interests (hereinafter referred to as Address Selection) and thus expand your address list.
You have the option to compare your own address list with additionally rented addresses and make sure you do not have recipients on the address list twice. Of course, we will replace the candidates that are already on your list with another address, so you will always have the desired number of recipients.
This option requires a paid subscription.
For more information, please see here.

Address Selection - Conditions of Use

Addresses borrowed as Address Selection consist of recipients defined by parameters such as age, gender or location. These address lists are available as a whole, i.e. individual contacts are not visible, and can be obtained and used under the following conditions:

  1. Requirements for use and validity of rented addresses

    A paid subscription to XCAMPAIGNlight is required to purchase the Address Selection and to use the one-time use of such rented addresses.

    In order to ensure that the individual recipients of the rental Address Selection receive correspondence in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, the relevant contact details may only be made available for a limited period of time.
    Once the addresses have been rented, they can be used for one-time mailshot for up to 60 days. If the addresses are not used for mailshot within 60 days, their use will be terminated without refund of the purchase price. These terms of use may only be withdrawn in writing before the expiration date.
    Withdrawal must be sent by post to:

    XCAMPAIGN Administration
    KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG
    Haldenstrasse 16A
    CH-8306 Brüttisellen

    Payment of the cost of renting the Address Selection will be made after deduction of internal handling costs.

    We reserve the right to clean the addresses in our database and check if they are correct and deliverable. If more than 5% of the booked addresses cannot be delivered during your mailing, you will receive a voucher in the amount of the price for the undeliverable addresses (minus the tolerance value of 5%), which can be redeemed for a follow-up order.

  2. Protection of Address Data Uploaded for Matching

    If you upload your own addresses in order to match them with the rental Address Selection, this data will be secured in accordance with data protection regulations and will only be used for matching with the rental address data, i.e. the Address Selection. For data protection reasons and to protect your addresses, the data uploaded by you will be deleted again as soon as it is used after the sending of the mailshot. If Address Selection is not used, the data uploaded for comparison will be automatically deleted after 60 days.

  3. Renting and Sending of Address Selection

    Mailshot based on rented Address Selection can only be sent after 48 hours.
    During this time, the Address Owner may refuse to send if the content of the mailshot does not comply with the terms of use for Prohibited Uses.

    Mailshots that are not rejected by Address Owner within 48 hours are automatically released and sent at the designated time.

    For mailshot based on a rented Address Selection, individual addresses in the Address Selection cannot be exported. Unlike custom address lists, the export function is not available for mailshots with a rented Address List. In addition, addresses from the Address Selection are not visible in the "Recipients" menu.

    If you create and send mailshot based on a borrowed Address Selection, the Address Owner email address is used as the sender by default. You can customize the sender’s displayed name (Friendly Name) for your campaign.

    When you create a mailshot, an additional paragraph, called a "footer", is automatically added to the end of the mailshot. This footer contains legally required content, such as an unsubscribe option for the recipient and the Address Owner impression. The design of this footer meets the specifications of the Address Owner.

    Show an example a footer of an address owner
  4. Terms and Conditions

    Purchase of the rented Address Selection is made by payment using the credit card saved. When purchasing a rented Address Selection, shipping and internal handling costs for processing have been already paid. No additional costs are incurred.

    When sending with a rented Address Selection, the number of remaining emails to be sent is unchanged. The number of recipients from the rented Address Selection is not deducted from the total available volume of your monthly / annual subscription.