XCAMPAIGNlight Range of Functions

  1. Administration

    Web-based ASP solution: The system is made available via the Internet and can be used immediately with a standard browser. The system is multilingual and multi-client capable.

  2. Address Data & Subscriber Administration

    Easy import and export of addresses and data via CSV interface. The address management includes the management of active profile data and logouts. The duplicate check is done automatically, as is the blocking of invalid email addresses.

  3. Targeting - Capture And Edit Individual Target Groups

    An unlimited number of individual target groups can be defined.

  4. Mailshot Dispatch

    • Mailshot Garden

      You can choose between Direct mailshot, CMS mailshot, and Mailpulse.

    • Enter and edit CMS mailshots

      • Numerous newsletter templates

      • Dynamic content: easy personalization and individualization

      • Standard and scheduled mailshots (dispatch - date / time)

    • Test mailshot

      • Test email preview as HTML & text

      • Test email dispatch as HTML & text

    • Mailshot dispatch & release

      • Release mailshots for dispatch

  5. Reports - Analysis And Reporting

    Statistical and graphical real-time evaluations with detailed analysis according to profile characteristics. Analysis of all customer reactions (opening rate, click behavior and logouts). Evaluation of all hard- & softbounces.

  6. Bounce Management

    Full bounce management (automated and manual)

  7. Infrastructure & Security

    • CSA Certification

    • Data hosting (profile data, images, documents)

    • High security encrypted administration interface

    • User identification and password protection

    • System provision in data center operation (7x24h)

    • Hardware and software security (firewall)

    • Daily full backup on DLT tape drives

    • Redundant power supply of all critical elements (single-point-of-failure)

    • Emergency power supply with diesel engine

    • Access control and video surveillance

    • Data storage (profiles) separated per customer